Biometric Family

Comsec is a market leader and major service of integrated Access control in Ghana. Access control has become very important for business in Ghana due to increasing need for improved security and trackable access management.

Our Biometric Access Control system is designed to give companies control of their security, and ensure maximum protection of property, whiles managing staff access and providing ongoing actionable intelligence with minimum security personnel

We have the best Biometric access control system in Ghana, with Customized solutions for all types of business from small shops to large business facilities, Financial, educational, industrial facilities and every kindly of building requiring restricted, documented and traceable access. Having been the industry for almost a decade we have provided Biometric access control system for several public and private organisations in Ghana.

We are your one-stop-shop for biometric access control systems in Ghana

FAQ: How does Biometric Access Control system work?
When a staff is enrolled in biometric access control system, the software records a pattern of the individual’s unique biometric identity and associates that template with the employee’s ID number. This template measures the relationship between various points in the particular biometric identity of the person.
Every time the individual attempts to clock in or out, the access control software verifies that the newly scanned identity matches the pattern originally stored for that ID number. If there is a match, it is recorded and access granted.

FAQ: How Secured is Biometric Access Control system?
It is very secured. It uses a combination of encryption and biometric. For instance, your eyes and fingerprints are unique and identically exclusive to every individual, thus requiring the presence of an authenticated and authorised identification for every access. Fingerprints do not have duplicates and cannot be stolen. There are several types of Biometric verifications: Finger/Hand Vein; Hand Geometry; Iris Recognition; Retina Scan; Facial Recognition; Voice Recognition, but the most popularly verification is the Fingerprint Biometric system possibly due to its size and easy to use features

FAQ: Can Alarm systems be integrated with Biometric access control system?
Yes, there are several ways to integrate alarm into Biometric access control system. This can be done using a relay controlled by the alarm control system, or using a network infrastructure.