The present electricity situation in Ghana and west Africa has given rise to an increasing need for companies to have backup power systems in order to ensure a consistent and stable power supply.

As a multi-national power management systems provider, Comsec Technology Solution supply reliable cutting-edge power backup systems in Ghana and West Africa. We have a wide range of inverter systems for sale. Our inverter price is very affordable. We provide highly efficient off grid, on grid and hybrid inverters with advanced technology and unique features. Whether for home power backup, commercial facility or very large power backup installations, you can be sure of good inverter price and package with flexible financing plan. It does not matter where you are in Ghana, we offer delivery services nationwide.

Comsec Technology Solutions is the sole distributor of EverExceed inverters, power backup and renewable energy systems in Ghana

For the best inverter price and all your power backup needs, contact our sales unit on +233 (0) 302 226 726 or visit our showroom.

  • ESC Series Off-Grid Inverter
  • RMI Series Off-Grid Inverter
  • Freedom Series Inverter Charger
  • VPS-MS Series Solar Inverter with Controller
  • VPS-MS-V Series All-In-One Solar Inverter
  • SSB Series On-Grid Inverter
  • EHCS Series Hybrid Inverter