UPS Systems

Comsec Technology Solutions is a distributor of Gamatronic and EverExceed systems in Ghana. We sell a wide range of high capacity UPS battery with long life-span for efficient backup power solution. We have in stock various capacities of UPS Systems and UPS Battery for sale.

Looking for the right UPS price in Ghana? We offer flexible payment plans and affordable UPS price. Our UPS systems and Batteries are ideal for Data Centres, Telecom installations, Utility Transmission & Distribution stations, Solar Emergency Lighting, Health Institutions, Financial institutions, Oil & Gas Firms, Mining, Marine applications and business facilities and homes. Our products have been widely used in many industrial sectors in Ghana.

Contact us for the best UPS price and all your power backup needs in Ghana

FAQ: Can I replace my UPS battery with a different brand of battery?
Yes, you can replace your UPS batteries with a different brand if you are replacing all the whole string. The reason is, all battery within same string must necessarily have the same characteristics. Email, call or Visit our showroom, our engineers can help you in choosing the appropriate capacity for your UPS system. We have a wide range of UPS Battery for sale.

FAQ: I haven’t used my UPS for over a year now. Do I need to replace the Batteries?
You need to charge your battery periodically even when you are not using. That means putting on the UPS systems once a while. If you haven’t charge for a year it will certainly self-discharge and might permanently loose its capacity. You will need to replace the entire string. Contact our showroom. Let us replace the batteries for you. We have a wide range of UPS Battery for sale.