Medium & Small online UPS- PowerLead2 Series


PowerLead2 series power supply adopts online double conversion design and digital control technology, and it features high input and output power factor, self-adaptive output frequency according to input frequency, intelligent battery management and excellent network management.

PowerLead2 RM Series is online double conversion UPS with full DSP control technology. With 19 inch standard rack design, self-adjusting output frequency, smart battery management system and network management, PowerLead2 RM Series is a perfect choice for computers, IT equipment and other sensitive devices.

PowerLead2-TX series, ranging from 6KVA to 10KVA, is online double-conversion UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. The UPS has in-built output transformer for LOAD. With high input and output power factor, self-adjusting output frequency and network management, PowerLead2-TX series UPS is perfect choice for computers, telecommunication equipment and other sensitive devices.



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