The MIFARE Classic® EV1 full finger capacitive reader is small, elegant, accurate, swift and cost effective. It provides a high level of security and preserve users’ privacy as well as architecture and interior design integrity.

The reader scans biometric data stored in a specific and protected sector within a MIFARE Classic® EV1 smartcard, it then compares the data with a presented finger and, once verified, sends the card ID to a connected controller.
This reader is compatible with most common Wiegand and Clock & Data formats and can replace existing readers to save installation and migration costs.
User and configuration cards including fingerprint enrollment are created using Rosslare’s Smart Card capacitive programmer (CP-R26) and its associated PC software application (AS-B01).

• Advanced, secure, multi-application functionality for intelligent installations
• Unlimited number of users
• Unique and reliable Match-On-Card technology
• Designed for indoor use (capacitive sensor protection required for outdoor use)
• Easy to deploy in field with configuration card (Master card) for secure sector reading of data from sectors
• Configurable multi output format, supports Wiegand 26-bit format and many more
• Compatible with Rosslare’s CP-R26 USB Desktop Card Programmer and fingerprint enroller
• PC software for Master and User Card configuration (AS-B01)
• Reads MIFARE Classic® EV1 ISO14443 Type A, standards cards
• Optical tamper sensor for both case and wall tamper detection
• Fully compatible with MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K and 4K credentials:
• Configuration card allows setting of: Format, Input Control, Lockout parameters, Secret keys (KeyA)