Portnox CORE is a solution for on-premise network access control, visibility and enforcement in real-time on all devices.


Portnox CORE mitigates cybersecurity risks with automated features to limit access, quarantine and block rogue devices or install patch updates. It remediates immediate security issues by allowing for complete control and wield over all network variables – from a smartwatch to a network server. CORE gives network admins the control they need to prevent risks and effectively respond to the ones that get through.


Some say that the future of IT is automation. With Portnox CORE – you can have those cutting-edge features today. Deliver unique automated reactions based on network security protocols or risky device behavior, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with manual response. Whether the reaction is enforcement or remediation, Portnox CORE can automate it and learn from the event context to maximize future protection.


Utilizing its agentless technology, Portnox CORE can detect and profile any device on the corporate network in real time and across all network layers. It is deployed from a central location and but can see activity across all network locations – from headquarters to remote offices. It integrates with most third party security applications to provide a complete and thorough picture of the network.

“The sensible risk orientation and the lightweight architecture of Portnox’s CORE
on-prem solution appear well aligned to help meet enterprise demand for a better NAC experience”
– 451 Research Group