MSSP Portal


The MSSP Portal is a fully integrated solution that encompasses behavioral-based attack mitigation, DDoS detection and prevention, centralized attack management, and monitoring/reporting and delivers it as a service to organizations.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can benefit greatly from technologies that deliver high-value, revenue-generating services. To that end, Radware’s MSSP Portal enables service providers to resell cyber security mitigation capabilities to their customers as a managed service.

MSSP Portal is a turnkey, multi-tenant DDoS detection and mitigation service delivery platform that provides reliable, flexible, and scalable cyber security protection that is delivered as a service. An add-on component to Radware’s industry-leading Attack Mitigation System, the Portal collects and aggregates security attack measurement and events (including traffic utilization, attack distribution and alerts), and displays them in real-time and historical reports.