Supply and Installation of UPS for The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana (TCCBCG)
Comsec was contracted by Coca-Cola to supply and install 10KVA UPS and 20KVA UPS, for the Factory. Coca-Cola is currently satisfied and happy with the services and support Comsec has given them before, during and after the supply and installation of the UPS systems. The factory’s Power fluctuation challenges has been overcome by the UPS that were installed.

Client: The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana

Industry: Manufacturing Sector

Services Provided: Supply and Installation of UPS Systems


The Customer has an AVR systems installed which is meant to stabilize the incoming voltage from the National Grid. They also had a generator that kicks in after power outage. They needed a back-up system to bridge the gap between the time when the power goes off and the time it takes for them to turn the Generator on.


COMSEC provided an Uninterruptible Power Supply System that was able to address their requirement. The Back-up power system has been running smoothly from the time of installation and commissioning.