Incorporating the most advanced technologies on the market to date, the Centric is available in many configurations, ranging from 25kVA to 1000kVA. This true online double conversion UPS system offers unparalleled quality.
The Centric is suitable for use in data centres, computer labs, medical facilities, communication centers and security systems.

Modularity is at the heart of the system. To scale the unit, 25KW power modules can be installed as needed, according to the demands of the critical load. Hot swap technology allows these components to be added without disconnecting the load or transferring to bypass.

The Centric is designed for N + 1 redundancy. It provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power at an attractive price. For users with greater power requirements, up to five Centric units can be operated in parallel configuration, for five times the power.

The Centric’s vertical and horizontal modularity reduce down time and provide a fault tolerant power source to critical loads, making it a great choice for your data centre.


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