(HV 10-200KVA), (LV- 6-120KVA) Phase Modular UPS


PXM Series UPS Is a modular UPS for sensitive equipments.
A single cabinet power rating covers from 10KVA to 200KVA which delivers the best combination of reliability, hot – swappable and flexibility. With the advanced IGBT three-level technology and DSP control, PXM series UPS achieves a high input power factor, low THDi and high system efficiency, which makes it a great choice for data centers, computer system and critical equipment.

• Modular design ensures high level reliability and flexible options for expansion, such as N+1 OR N + X.
• Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load.
• Efficiency up to 95%, High input power factor (> 0.99), low input THDi (< 3%).
• Double DSP controller for individual power module, avoid single point failure risk.
• Digital control for the whole parts including rectifier, inventers, charger and discharger.
• IGBT modules rather than discrete components are applied in the power module, system reliability and manufacturing consistency are much improved.
• Totally front access, top and bottom cable connection.
• Large touch screen LCD with plenty of information.
• Independent charger for batteries, intelligent battery management system.
• Digital paralleling technology, very low circle current between modules.
• Intelligent fan control system, incredible low noise system design.
• Inbuilt switch for cabinet input, output and maintenance connection.
• Friendly generator interface.
• Cold start function, easy maintenance
• All PCB with conformal coating.
• Modular, high power density design, save valuable space for customer.
• Critical components adopt the well –known international corporation, high margin design.Applications:
• ISP (Internet Service Provider)
• IDC (Internet Data Center)
• Computer Room, Service Center
• Precision Instruments
• Intelligent Equipment


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