Multi-Socket IP Module


The Multi-Socket IP Module is an easy to add plug-in module that enables the system to communicate over a TCP/IP network. It can be used as the primary communication or as a back up to a GSM/GPRS/3G or PSTN communication in case of communication failure.

The Multi-socket IP module allows simultaneous communication from the ProSYS™Plus or LightSYS™ 2 (above version 5.00) to multi destinations as RISCO Cloud, Direct communication to Monitoring Station, Follow Me, and Configuration Software or SynopSYS.By using multi-socket 2G or 3G module with multi-socket IP module a cloud redundancy can be achieved.

The multi-socket IP module uses common format protocols (SIA, Contact ID) to send alerts to monitoring stations using the RISCO IP receiver that connects the alarm systems to the central monitoring management software. In addition, the system can send events in SIA IP protocol over TCP/IP to monitoring stations that have standard IP receivers.
For end users, the IP module enables sending email alerts and system status information. The IP module enables remote programming of the panel using the configuration software.


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