Thyristor Industrial Rectifier-Battery Charger- uX



uXcel Ultra redundancy charger (DC UPS) is a new type charger for battery. This charging system is made by two independent charging loop in parallel, it can carry out the redundancy charge function. This system is controlled by digital intelligent with multi charge mode, simple operation and reliability, there is no phase sequence requirement. The transformer is made by high strength paint copper, it can achieve H grade high temperature resistance and isolation, the power units are made by aluminum prole and high-power disc type thyristor units with high performance and reliability.
Available in single and three phase up to 220kW, and using ultra rugged phase controlled technologies, this series is ideal for all industrial applications including substation battery systems and DC UPS.


• Double charger modular

• Parallel / redundant work mode

• More reliability and flexibility

• Rugged phase-controlled thyristor technology

• Versatile constant voltage and constant current charging modes

• Large LCD Display

• Wide adjusted voltage and current range

• Battery Management system

• Programmable charge voltage/current limit

• Precise adjustable temperature compensation

• Isolated RS232 or RS485,Ethernet

• Robust mechanical design

• Up to Ip65 external protection

• Access facility software

• Full data logging

• Multiple protection


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