AW-FD704E-IR3 Explosion-Proof Three Infrared Flame Detector


Asenware explosion-proof series flame detector provides a new generation of flame detection capability and technical standards, the flame detectors using a specially designed narrow-band IR sensor pieces and solar blind type UV sensor pieces., through the built-in 16-bit microprocessor and patent signal processing algorithms, the flame detectors can distinguish more effectively between the real flame radiation and interference sources. Also significantly reduce the effects of environmental factors on the detectors. The flame detectors can be set up 5 sensitivity level, can meet the different needs of more occasions.

Asenware explosion-proof flame detector series is on the basis of original flame detector, through the market research and collect customer feedback information, and a lot of experimental data, the flame detector’s hardware circuit and software algorithm are improved.

• Built-in high speed, low power consumption, high performance 16-bit high-precision data processing chip.
• Using patent narrow-band IR sensor and solar blind UV sensor.
• The improvement of the algorithm improves the ability of flame detection and false alarm.
• Explosion-proof design is suitable for the hazardous locations of industrial site.
• Multistage sensitivity for more occasions.
• Can detect small fire much earlier.
• Low maintenance cost, easy to update and improvement.
• Detection Angle of 120 degrees.
• Detection range up to 60 meters.
• Suitable for heavy industrial applications.
• Detector is suitable for a variety of fuel.


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