AW-MS190 Mini Siren


The product is a mini siren, fire alarm device can be used for small l Long machines, trucks, trains, warehouses, etc. machinery for small vessels to pass signals. In the event of an emergency alarm controller is controlled by triggering an alarm, the alarm sound is very loud.

Mini siren internally by a 24V DC motor driven fan bearings, the air force to enter a cavity or lose a thin edge flap so produce a sharp whistle.

Mini siren applicable in small or long machines, trucks, trains, small ship machinery warehouse, etc., may be supporting the use of fire alarm and linkage systems, when the system recognizes fire control equipment broke into work by linkage to the scene.

• Easy to install, firm structure.
• Has low power consumption, large volume, continuous work extremely long life characteristics.
• Perfectly configured in a variety of alarm systems.
• Hearing impaired cannot use or be evacuated.
• Equipment will be slightly less than the fire alarm sound alarm bells sound.
• Sounds kind is not adjustable, only one alarm sound choices.


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