Forklift Charger- Penguin SCR Charger



The Penguin-SCR charger uses an intelligent microprocessor to control charge current and voltage during the charge cycle for forklifts. This precise control allows the Penguin-SCR to charge a range of battery technologies including high gravity and VRLA, and they will effectively charge under a wide range of temperature environments and variations in AC line voltage.
The charger includes a selectable Opportunity Charge profile, which may reduce or eliminate battery changes during a shift or workday.


The charge process can be controlled intelligently with a microprocessor, optimized charge performance to get a excellent charge results.
The temperature rising during the charge and the evaporating of the electrolyte at the end of charge can be restricted by controlling the charge specification, this can prolong the battery life and reduce the lost volume of water, so it can reduce the maintenance cost.
For intelligent and fully automatic charging, it can without caring.

The advance technology units guarantee the reliable quality and performance.

Self-diagnosis and display panel indicating operational conditions.
It can be selected charge curves according to different kinds of battery.
It can judge the polarity reverse and break- circuit automatically then alarm.
Reduce electrical infrastructure requirements with high power factor.
Quick Tap option for AC Voltage exibility: 208 / 240 / 380 / 480 voltage ‘outlets’ (ideal for rental fleets).
Auto cell select and manual capacity select.

Detailed charge monitoring by LCD display.
Designed for 8 hour or less recharge time.

Wa+Equlising charge curves: meet the fast charge and reduce the loss of water at the end of charging period to prolong the service life of the battery cycle.


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