Industrial UPS (PG 1P: 3:1 phase, PG 3P: 3:3 phase)


The PowerGuilding Series UPS is one of the best performing and most reliable three phase UPS systems, providing critical power protection for industrial applications.

PowerGuilding series UPS system operates in on-line double conversion, yielding the maximum levels of power reliability for all mission critical processes.

• Full digital control technique;
• Intelligent detecting and monitoring function
• Digital control static switch and zero changeover time;
• Full isolation between input and output;
• DC panel and utility power are full isolated;
• Uses electric power standard cabinet;
• Its provided with over voltage, under voltage protection ,over current protection, short circuit protection and some other protection functions;
• Large LCD can display the input voltage output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage, charge-discharge current value, fault and other running conditions in Chinese and English;
• The static state bypass has strong anti-overload capacity.

• Chemical factories
• Power generating plants
• Power distribution stations
• Electrical substations
• Electric power communication systems.


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