Low Frequency Online UPS1-20KVA (1PH & 1PH), 10-60KVA(3PH & 1PH)


Digital UPS PowerBT series is the latest UPS designed by EverExceed.

It is the collection digitization, informationization, network as one of high intelligent products, with powerful information acquisition system, signal processing system, detection system and perfect protection system. Widely used in all kinds of electricity environment, Personalized design, power human –machine conversation function. Visual display and state monitoring interface, make each user operate simply and conveniently.

• Pure-online double conversion technology, to provide the best quality of power supply.
• IGBT rectiflier technology design
• Built-in isolation transformation
• High input power factor (> 0.99), low THDi (< 5%)
• Suitable for all kinds of loads, high overload capacity.
• Intelligent battery management, extending the battery life.
• Large LCD display, friendly human- machine interface
• Automatically record the information when faults happen, easy for trouble shooting.
• Monitor runtime of critical components, such as fans and capacitors, settable alarm for service period.
• Independent LCD display for each power module with self-starting function.
• Programmable dry contacts, the function of each port can be defined by users.

• Data center
• Internet Service
• Transportation systems
• Telecom situation
• Financial systems
• Medical / healthcare
• Industrial systems


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