Off-grid Inverter – ESC Series


ESC series pure sine wave inverter is a multi-functional converting technology. It adopts the most advanced PWM control technology, with characteristics such as: precise control, security, efficiency, good reliability. Good for domestic and commercial applications.

• Over voltage shutdown
• Over load protect/Low voltage alarm and shutdown
• Short- circuit protect
• Over heat protect
• Advanced heat sink design and optimum component layout
• Standard AC outlet
• LED red/green indicator

The ESC inverter are is ideal for: Air conditioners, Washing machine, Cleaning machines, Electric drill, Refrigerator, Incandescent, Led lights, Fluorescent lamps, Fans etc.

LOW VOLTAGE PROTECTION: Low Voltage Protection Function: Automatically protect when be in low voltage: first alarm, then the voltage continuously reduce. LED red on, and the machine shuts down.

SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION FUNCTION: Automatically self-protect when short circuit: LED red on.

OVER TEMPERATURE PROTECTION:Shuts the inverter down automatically if the battery voltage drops below set level. This feature protects the battery from being completely discharged.

OVER LOAD PROTECTION FUNCTION: Automatically self-protect when load too much power: LED red on. the machine auto

REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION FEATURES: Automatically protect when positive and negative cables are reverse connected: fuse burns automatically shuts down.


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