Off grid Inverter- RMI Series


The RMI series is new inverter with up-to-date technology and improved modularity. This inverter has been designed to offer low cost per VA and offers our standard features: High local level of intelligence, reliability and smart characteristics. Modules are mounted in racks from 500VA up to 6KVA, with inverter modules of 1000VA capacity. A static switch can be ordered as an option providing second AC source back-up with very fast switching time.
Modular distribution is available providing a complete range of products to match most of your applications up to 6KVA. Easy to install and to use, this new system is the ideal solution for system integration or dedicated solutions. Existing in 220VAC output, the DC input rang is from 12 to 220VDC

• RMI series inverter is mounted in racks (19’’rack mounted) from 500VA up to 10KVA, with inverter modules of 0.7/0.8 power factor.

• RMI series inverter adopts microcomputer CPU for intelligent control, and it has simple and reliable control circuit for high-speed response to changing environment;

• RMI series inverter adopts SPWM technology to output pure sine wave which has stable frequency, stable voltage, low noise and low degree of distortion;

• RMI series inverter has strong loading capacity, strong load adaptability, and built-in bypass switch to ensure continuous and stable power supply;

• The DC input end of RMI series inverter adopts noise reduction technology to avoid interference with other communication equipment that share the same DC cabinet. The AC input end of RMI series inverter adopts multiple filtering technology to avoid interference from AC and meet the demand of application system for master AC power supply;

• RMI series inverter is applicable to set AC or DC as master power supply (optional but only one):
a)with electric supply, AC as master power supply: remains AC output in case it is available and switches to DC output in case AC supply is interrupted;
b) with electric supply, DC as master power supply: remains DC output in case AC is available, and switches to AC output in case DC supply is interrupted;

• RMI series inverter has scientific design, and it automatically switches to AC bypass in case DC supply is cut off in running status, which doesn’t affect power supply and facilitate the maintenance and replacement of storage battery;

• RMI series inverter cuts off power supply in case of high/low battery voltage alarm or overload alarm, and resumes power supply when the battery voltage resumes normal status, therefore, RMI series inverter is quite applicable to unattended communication base station;

• RMI series inverter has a LCD display, so that it is easy for the user to check the working status. The LCD display adopts 1602B, 122*32 dot matrix, silver white text against blue background;

• RMI series inverter supports AC starting in case of DC supply is interrupted (optional);

• RMI series inverter supports communication function and real-time monitoring function through monitoring software (optional);

• RMI series inverter supports TCP/IP protocol, so that the user can utilize EtherCAT and monitoring software to achieve remote and real-time monitoring of working status (optional);

• RMI series inverter has three groups of passive dry contacts to meet the emergencies of DC input failure, AC input failure or AC output failure (optional).


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