PXM Plus Modular UPS


The PXM Plus Modular UPS is a new generation Uninterruptible power supply.
The parallel architecture adopts a highly intelligent modular design to achieve maximum power availability and redundancy. With advanced IDC power solutions and smart management technologies. It is specially designed to meet the protection demands of mission critical loads in data centers or other important applications.

• Modular design with N + X redundancy, online hot – swappable.
• Friendly human machine interface with colorful touch screen of 10.4 incher.
• High power density of 600 KVA in one single cabinet; High power density with footprints of less than 2m2 up to 900KVA in parallel, 30KVA power module with only 3U height.
• Green and energy saving: AC/AC efficiency > 95%, input power factor > 0.99 while input THDi < 3%.
• Full DSP control of high stability, reliability and safety.
• Integrated ICBT module with improved performance and reduced size.
• Excellent input performances for complete compatibility with input PF of 99% and range of voltage.
• Self-Aging mode for full load test with less than 10% of the total power capacity needed.
• Smart sleeping mode for energy saving and prolong the life time of the system.
• Optimized battery management, intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improve the life time of the battery.
• Battery cold start, UPS can be powered on from the battery without utility.
• Automatically record the information when faults happen, easy for trouble shooting.
• Monitor runtime of critical components, such as fans and capacitors, settable alarm for service period.
• Independent LCD display for each power module with self-starting function.
• Programmable dry contacts, the function of each port can be defined by users.


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