RISCO Seismic Detector


RISCO Group’s high security Seismic Detector is your ultimate choice for 24/7 protection of vaults, safes, ATMs, reinforced concrete walls and strong rooms, steel armored cabinets, vending machines and doors.

Powered by RISCO Group’s advanced technologies, the seismic detector monitors the vibration and temperature of the protected surface and will detect all known types of intruder attacks, such as sledge hammers, diamond head drills, explosives, hydraulic pressure tools and thermal tools.

The RISCO Seismic Detector is extremely simple to install and can be installed on the RISCO Bus allowing unique remote parameter setting and diagnostic capabilities – or as a regular relay detector with built-in EOL resistors.

Popular accessories such as a metal mounting plate, test generator and anti-drilling shield are included as standard with the detector.


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