Smart IT Cabin Solution


An Alternative To Traditional Design.Balancing data center objectives for capacity, space utilization, availability and efficiency is difficult without making sacrifices.
Failure to properly design and deploy physical infrastructure can lead to underutilized systems, stranded capacity and higher operating costs, preventing you from gaining the full advantage of your data center.What IT and Data Center Managers WantFaced with these challenges, IT and data center managers increasingly want infrastructure strategies that are alternatives to conventional approaches. These new strategies must include solutions that:
– Improve energy efficiency, space utilization and IT productivity
– Offer measurable savings in CAPEX and OPEX
– Offer location flexibility and compatibility with existing infrastructure
– Improve the ability to manage and control the IT environment
– Feature interoperability for fast and easy design and implementation
– Support greater capacity by improving management of density and availability.

EverExceed Smart IT Cabin Solution offers Industry best practices and best of breed solutions in data center design and operations such as:
• Remote Manageability of IT and facility assets
• Hot air and cold air separation
• Cold air containment
• High availability and high efficiency UPS
• High-efficiency precision cooling
• Space-savings, small-footprint
• Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
• Integrated monitoring and control to optimize efficiency in planning and management
• Unique local service for design audits,configuration support, installation Support,maintenance and repair

Smart IT Cabin Solution gives you the efficiency, economy, interoperability and control to implement an infrastructure strategy that outperforms any you’ve ever seen.
Intelligent, integrated infrastructure ready to house IT in a single rack
Capacity: 3kVA;6kVA;10kVA;
Rack Sizes: 42U
Type: Single rack
Key Applications: bank branches, securities, factories, government offices, hospitals, schools, small data centers etc.


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