Wireless Flood Detector


The Wireless Flood Detector can be easily integrated into RISCO Group wireless and hybrid security systems to promptly detect and alert to the presence of even small water leaks. From the kitchen to a basement, from a water tank to a refrigerator, our Wireless Flood Detector is easy to install and can save home and business owners untold damages.

In the case of a leak, the Wireless Flood Detector will send a notification immediately to the user’s smartphone device. With all around protection, the Wireless Flood Detector continues to work even when the security system is disarmed, for full peace of mind. Water damage is a common problem that can result from the most mundane of incidents: a burst pipe, a leaky roof or toilet, even faulty windows.

The majority of homeowner insurance policies cover damage caused by water leaks, but only if the leak is detected and reported promptly. By installing RISCO Group’s Wireless Flood Detector, accidents can be prevented in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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