Automatic Voltage Regulator- SVC Series



SVC serial full automation single-phases electric voltage stabilizer (abbrev stabilizer below) is a new generation save-energy stabilizer manufactured with the newest technology. Its characteristics are: large capacity(500VA-30KVA), high efficiency, without waveform deformation, smooth voltage adjustment, broad applicable load, good momentary overload capacity, long-term continue work, manual/auto switch freely, without protect installations of over-voltage and over-current, as well as small volume, light weight, convenient use and reliable operation, etc. It can be extensively applied to industries, agricultures, communications and all the places where needs the equipment of stabilizing voltage or the ideal high quality currents of alterative current stabilizing voltage.


• Automatic voltage regulation

• Protection against brownout & over voltage

• Wide input voltage range

• Short circuit & over load protection

• Selectable delay Time


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