High Frequency Rectifier-Battery Charger- DC Panel



EGZDW microcomputer controlled DC panel apply substation for different voltage levels, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, electrified railways and high-rise buildings in the field. It can be used as operating power high voltage switch, relay protection, automatic device and control power.
The system used latest integrated design, configuration with the monitoring module , rectifier module , insulation monitoring module , battery inspection module , switch monitoring module , buck module , etc.. With advanced technology, reasonable configuration, monitoring and control of intelligent, it is easy to operate. It can Communicate with the host computer, and easily achieve remote control. It is ideal for unattended DC power supplies.


• Two AC input automatically switches ensure system uptime

• Wide input voltage range , power grids applicability and can be used relatively harsh environment places

• Using high-frequency switching technology , modular design , N + 1 hot backup , high reliability

• The rectifier module adopts hot plug , line maintenance , convenient

• Charging module using the latest soft-switching technology , high conversion efficiency, low electromagnetic interference

• Low hardware difference between independent current technology , the module output current imbalance typical ± 3%

• Provide LCD screen/touch screen/color touch screen/large-screen graphic display , user-friendly rich, easy to operate

• Fully automatic battery management with “four remote functions meeting requirements of untended duty control

• With manual , automatic voltage detection function and insulation checking function

• Reliable and highly insulated protection measures to ensure that systems and personal safety

• Provides RS232/RS485 communication interfaces, and RTU/CDT/MODBUS communication options Statute

• Expansion interface can be connected with other external devices


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