PowerNX Series UPS


The innovation design of the PowerNX makes it one of the most technological advanced UPS of its kind, exclusively developed by EverExceed. The PowerNX series UPS delivers an advanced combination of low input current distortion, unity power factor input, high overall efficiency and maximum load protection ensuring ultimate power quality.

This sophisticated arrangement of features make this series ideal for critical applications where reliability and high performance are fundamental. In addition, the PowerNX comprises an IGBT input rectifier design with dual DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which provides full digital control.
The PowerNX configuration guarantees high quality output required by loads requiring a stable and clean source of power supplies and processors are no longer single points of failure as with some other UPS Systems.

VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) Online Double Conversion topology, provides built-in inverter galvanic protection, completely isolating the output of the UPS from mains power problems and further protection is achieved via an integral output isolation transformation. This advanced design offers an extensive range of user benefits, delivering high efficiency without compromising load protection


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